An eco-conscious fragrance house inspired by the world

Creating unique scents, fragrance as art

Design is any form is art

Scent in any form is memory


House of James creates uniquely inspired unisex fragrances. Pushing boundaries and creating compositions that are both wearable and exciting.  Our aim is to create fragrances that turn heads and intrigue the people around you. 


We also have the planet in mind. One thing we wanted to be aware of and try to mitigate is the waste that generally comes from purchasing a new fragrance:

  • The non-recyclable plastic outer wrap

  • The [usually] non-recyclable box with foiling or UV printing.

  • The [usually] non-recyclable inner plastic coated card

  • Then the Fragrance bottle itself [usually single use]


So in order to have the least impact on our environment we have cut out unnecessary packaging and have implemented a refill option, reducing un-necessary waste;

  • Parfums come in a 10ml Glass Atomiser/Roller [reusable]

  • Within simple card box protected by tissue paper [recyclable]

  • Posted in a Hero Mailer [Compostable]

  • 50ml Refills come in an aluminium bottle [reusable]

  • + refill bottles can also be returned for further refills

Products are tested on the perfumer, not on animals.


My interest in perfume was not always in the forefront of my mind.

I am actually a Graphic Designer [J&DC] and my main passion has been Design from a very early age. I grew up in a small bayside village called Somers on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Growing up I had a mother who suffered from migraines, so I didn't really have much to do with scent (except the one she was able to wear which was “Vanderbilt”) until much later in life.  As a younger man, one of my favorite pastimes was trawling the department store fragrance sections, smelling everything they had a tester for, pin pointing the notes in each of the fragrances to the best of my memory, or researching those I was yet to memorize.

Although I would never call myself a “perfumer”, a perfumer is a professional chemist with years of training and experience. I have taken it upon myself to do some basic training in Perfumery, but I am not a chemist, and I do not know enough to be considered a “perfumer”. I am simply an artist who makes perfume... In addition to training, I have and continue to do copious amounts of research both scientific and artistic on both perfume ingredients and the use of each in compositions. I also do many experiments, both in concepts and wearability. I am constantly learning and being taught by many different people within the industry.


The one thing which seems to be constant is perfume as an industry is becoming more and more “paint by numbers”, perfumers are now so restricted by the companies they work for to create exactly what the market research has dictated, that the industry is losing its originality….Can you imagine if Monet had worked for a company and was told to only use red and green paint? The many niche companies popping up are almost like a rebellion against the industry. These small outfits are able to use perfumery as an art form as it once was, which I think it fantastic. It will be these small perfumeries like my own, which keep the art alive.

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